The Real Story of Risk

Adventures in a Hazardous World

Table of Contents for The Real Story of Risk

Introduction. The Risky Business of Life  


Chapter 1.  The Evolution of Risk: How Our Ancient Biology Distorts Our Dealings with Sharks, Snakes, and a Changing World


Chapter 2. The Sea of Denial: Why Rising Seas and Heart Disease Are Hard to Stop


Chapter 3. Suckers for a Pretty Face: How Sex and Love Lure Us to Let Down Our Guard


Chapter 4. Why We Botch Rare Risks: The Strange Story of “The Big One,” 9/11, Katrina, and Deepwater Horizon


Chapter 5. The Balancing Act: The Give-and-Take Game of Driving and Financial Collapses


Chapter 6. Losing Control and Gaining Fear: Small Aircraft, Fear of Riding Along, and Conspiracy Theories


Chapter 7. The Story of Vaccines and Autism: Why Stories Rule and Statistics Don’t


Chapter 8. The Thing We Fear More Than Death: How Our Need to Belong Makes Us Vulnerable to Con Men and Fearful of Podiums


Chapter 9. What Do Cave Diving, Naked Skydiving, and Entrepreneurship Have in Common? The Delicate Dance of Risk and Reward


Chapter 10. Living in a Risky World

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